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The Motivation

Cardiocoin is a crypto currency for the healthcare industry.

Workout for your health and mine your Cardiocoin. 

The Reward

You can use Cardiocoin to discount insurance premiums and purchase various goods

Taking care of your health through the Cardiocoin App

Find the best insurance program that recognizes your being healthy or do-ing healthy

The best

Insurance Plan for Me

Find the best local medical clinics evaluated by neighbors around me

The best

Medical Clinic in the Area

Find the closest professional Trainers  to answer your health questions thro-ugh the Cardiocoin App

Ask Questions

to the Nearest Trainers

Our surveillance technology utilizes vibration & speed from the user's workout

You can bet that users will attempt to cheat the system in any workout-based reward platforms.  Our data surveillance technology effectively prevents fraud and tracks real workout data.

Our Location

The Vault SF

415 Jackson Street, Suite B

San Francisco, CA 94111